Immigration Debate Update: Senator Murray...Oh, She's A Treat!
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Senator Patty Murray (D-Washington) wants a guest worker plan that includes a clear path to citizenship. Her motives were fairly simple,

"We rely on immigrants to harvest the crops that put food on our tables and bring billions of dollars to our economy." she said.

And we can't forget the children...

"I hope we can all agree that the children of immigrants deserve a decent education."

They do...the children of legal immigrants.

This was a good one:

"We should not expect our farmers to be experts on documentation."

Experts on documentation? They don't have to be experts on anything, just moderately literate and perhaps honest!

What a Drama Queen! Oh it is:

"We need to make sure they are not denied the opportunity to share in the American Dream."

Once again, the American Dream is a creed, not a legal loophole...

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