Immigration Debate Update: Looks Like Amnesty Is A Forgone Conclusion
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Wow...this will come as no surprise to Juan Mann but there are roughly a zillion different types of Visas available to immigrants!

Yeah, and the Senate Judiciary Committee is hoping to increase the cap on all of them.

For example, there is what I call the Snitch Visa:

This is an S-type (sounds like a Jaguar) Visa for those who are willing to provide evidence that their home country is developing or currently has weapons of mass destruction. Under current law, the information must lead to the prosecution of someone in order for the applicant to qualify.

An amendment introduced by Senator Brownback (R-KS) would not only increase the number available but also change the qualifications. The Senate voted in favor of granting the Visa to applicants even if the information provided leads to nothing.

Yep, just make a claim of terrorism against the government of your native land and you are in!

On to the BIG issue: Guest Worker Plans/Amnesty

The afternoon debate has been devoted almost exclusively to guest worker language and Members are scrambling to get their issues heard before the committee-imposed deadline of midnight tonight. Committee Chairman Arlen Specter has already said that the committee will put out an immigration reform bill by tomorrow morning even if they have to work all night to finish.

So far not a single committee member has opposed a guest worker plan—not one.

Everyone seems to be operating under a forgone conclusion:

The debate is not whether we should have a guest worker plan but rather, what type of plan will work best.

Anything the Senate produces will have to go back to the House for approval but still, this is madness! A guest worker/amnesty plan does not seem to be a possiblity appears to be a certainty.

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