Immigration And The Catholic Church
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Beliefnet has a post by Kathy Shaidle on what she calls "That "Jesus was a refugee" junk " showing that once again, Ms. Shaidle gets it about mass immigration. (She must get it; a commmenter said "I can hardly express my awed astonishment and disgust at the extent of Kathy Shaidle's hateful diatribe. ")

However, this is the point at which I would like to point out that may be "nativist," but we are not an anti-Catholic organization, despite what some people think.

Much(not all, I admit) of our "anti-Catholic" propaganda is written by actual devout Catholics, who are upset with their Bishops. They dissent from the Bishops Conferences, not the Universal Church, and their dissent is not on "faith and morals," but on social policy, about which Bishops know no more than the next fellow.

Here are some examples of their writings on the Church and immigration:

The Brogue Wears Off: Why The Catholic Church Is Addicted To Immigration, by J.P. Zmirak

An Open Letter to Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York Today’s Letter: A Texas Catholic Reader Shares Her Experiences

12/23/02 - Christmas Meditation 2002: Christ, The "Other", And Counterfeit Citizens

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