"Immigrant" Tragedies on the Uptick?
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Is it just me, or are illegal alien sob stories increasing in frequency and emotional insistence the last little while?

We wouldn't expect the MSM to slack off in its open-borders propaganda with the House-Senate showdown coming up. After all, editors apparently like cheap household help as much as Wall Streeters. So the recent output of two-hanky "immigrant" tragedies has been prolific.

Here are a few recent morsels, designed to soften up us hard-hearted Americans.

149  The 300,000 foreigners living here under Temporary Protected Status because of natural disasters at home don't want to leave now that "temporary" is over. It would be "unfair" to make them leave now that they are all comfy and have cable TV, according to the usual hired mouthpieces.

149  An HIV-positive Colombian wants asylum because the military will kill him in his home country for his homosexuality, or so he says. (Hmmm, aren't those military fellows already pretty busy with protecting cocaine production and such?)

149  "Friends, legislator fight to keep Merced man in U.S." because he is so well-liked and has such a nice smile! This is the high-school approach to immigration admissions, in which being popular is the most important quality.

149  "Fears, hopes fill immigrant's life" is a standard-issue sobster about an illegal with three jackpot babies who's just gotta stay, for his expensive bone-cancer treatment, if nothing else.

"It used to be you had to kill somebody or do drugs to be deported," Igbanugo said. "Now if you shoplift twice, you're gone."

Oh, the humanity!

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