Pro- Immigration stories - Needed Now!
January 29, 2006, 08:09 PM
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Further evidence that pro-immigration stories are mandatory in the MSM at present, as suggested Brenda Walker last night, comes from the Sundance FilmFestival:

Immigrant films win at Sundance : Two films about immigrants living in the US have won the top four awards at the Sundance Film Festival. BBC News Sunday 29 January

Just how desperate the pro-immigration forces are right now can be measured by their willingness to tolerate an award to a Cynthia McKinney puff piece, which (curiously) was, however, little publicized. "American Blackout" is a simplistic attempt to blame the heroine`s electoral misfortunes on Republican machinations. The downplaying of the award indicates other considerations are in play. At any other time, this woman`s views would have brought down anathema on the Sundance Film Festival.