Pro- Immigration stories - Needed Now!
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Further evidence that pro-immigration stories are mandatory in the MSM at present, as suggested Brenda Walker last night, comes from the Sundance FilmFestival:

Immigrant films win at Sundance : Two films about immigrants living in the US have won the top four awards at the Sundance Film Festival. BBC News Sunday 29 January

Just how desperate the pro-immigration forces are right now can be measured by their willingness to tolerate an award to a Cynthia McKinney puff piece, which (curiously) was, however, little publicized. "American Blackout" is a simplistic attempt to blame the heroine's electoral misfortunes on Republican machinations. The downplaying of the award indicates other considerations are in play. At any other time, this woman's views would have brought down anathema on the Sundance Film Festival.

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