Immigrant Mass Murder: Palestinian Muslim Kills Whole Family In Tinley Park, Illinois
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Even, a more or less dissident publication, can’t allow the race and ethnic status of the killer here to get into the headline:

Man in custody after allegedly killing wife, 3 daughters in Chicago suburb

By Jarryd Jaeger, January 22, 2024

A man has been taken into custody after allegedly killing his wife and their three daughters in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Majeda Kassem, 53, Hanan Kassem, 24, and 25-year-old twins Halema and Zahia Kassem were shot to death in the family home in the town about 30 miles southwest of Chicago. The suspect’s identity has not been made public.

According to the Tinley Park Police Department, the incident took place just before 11:30 am on the 7400 block of 173rd Place. Dispatchers received a 911 call from a man inside the home, and officers arrived on scene a short time later.

Upon entering, they discovered the four women, all of whom were pronounced dead. A firearm was recovered from the home during the ensuing investigation.

The man was taken into custody, where he remains, pending charges.

According to ABC7, neighbors described the victims as ”very intelligent,” adding that they ”had very high goals in life.”

In a press conference Monday morning, Police Chief Tom Tilton announced that authorities were working hard to find the facts in what has turned out to be a very complex investigation.” He could not confirm any details regarding the incident, including who the suspect was and whether he was the same man who called 911.

He did, however, make a point of noting that the family had never had any interaction with the police prior to the deadly domestic violence incident.

Itedal Shalabi of the Arab American Family Services revealed that the family was Muslim of Palestinian descent.

Of course, the unnamed husband is presumably also a ”Muslim of Palestinian descent.” Who would ever think that a Palestinian Muslim in America would commit mass murder?

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