Immigrant Economists In Alabama: Supporting Illegal Immigration AND Displacing American Economists
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In Federale’s blog post about Alabama, below, he referred to University Of Alabama Treason Lobby economist Samuel N, Addy [Email him] as a communist, and also “Comrade” Addy, based Addy’s support for illegal immigration.

Federale does that a lot, because he hasn’t imbibed the conventional wisdom that only someone who admits to formal membership in the official Communist party can be called a communist, otherwise it’s McCarthyism, McCarthyism, McCarthyism!!!

By contrast, anyone at all can be called a racist or a white supremacist, by the most tenuous chain of guilt by association.

However, I put in a note to the effect that Dr.Addy [pictured] is, according to his UA bio, a  native of Ghana, and if you look at Ghanan politics and history, it’s about even money that any given Ghanaian intellectual is more or less a Communist, and might even, in extreme cases, be an agent of the People’s Republic Of China.Samuel Addy

Of course, there's no actual evidence for any of that, so I don't suspect Dr. Addy of being more than an ordinary, left-wing, Treason Lobby economist. I'd rather focus on the fact that he’s an immigrant himself(an American citizen since 2007). The fact that he's an immigrant is something that should have been mentioned in the Chicago Tribune story quoting him as an authority on the subject, but that's not his fault.

Dr. Addy turns out to be the author of The Role of Underemployment in Employee’s Overall Job Satisfaction: The Alabama Case. [PDF].

The abstract says

“Job satisfaction is an important measure of utility that employees derive from their jobs and is related to various features of the job such as pay, security, intrinsic values of work, working conditions, career growth opportunities, working hours, and the like. This paper analyzes the relationship between underemployment and overall job satisfaction among other personal and job characteristics of the workforce in Alabama using survey data from Alabama workforce development regions. A logistic model is used to analyze the determinants of job satisfaction in Alabama including, blah, blah, blah, my eyes glazed over…”

And just as I was going to fall asleep reading this, I woke up and saw that this  paper, given at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association, Birmingham, Alabama, [2012 February 4-7, 2012] is co-authored with

Who are also employed by the University of Alabama, with the Alabama taxpayer’s dollar. You want to know who’s underemployed in Alabama? American economists. This would include, by the way, African-American economists.

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