Illegal Immigrants Living In Public Housing While Americans Wait
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Another instance of illegals getting benefits that are supposed to go to citizens only is subsidized housing. That subject was highlighted when Obama's illegal alien aunt, an absconder from a deportation order, was found to be ripping off the taxpayers in Massachusetts for an apartment. She had so much extra money as a result that she donated a couple hundred dollars to her nephew's Presidential campaign. If BHO has reimbursed the taxpayers of Massachusetts, I haven't heard of it. See Obama Campaign Knew About Aunt Zeituni In Boston.
Untold thousands of illegal immigrants live in public housing at a time when hundreds of thousands of citizens and legal residents are stuck waiting years for a spot.

Illegal immigrants make up a tiny portion of the 7.1 million people in federal housing, according to government statistics. But authorities may be unaware of thousands more, and critics say no illegal immigrant should get housing benefits.

The issue made headlines in November with news that Zeituni Onyango, an aunt of President-elect Barack Obama, was living in Boston public housing while in the country illegally. [...]

Some prospective tenants and advocates of immigration restrictions are angry about U.S. citizens waiting for housing aid that some number of illegal immigrants are enjoying.

New York City has about 260,000 people in line for housing aid. Chicago recently opened its waiting list for the first time in about 10 years and collected 259,000 names in four weeks for 40,000 slots.

"As long as that waiting list includes American citizens or legal immigrants, there's no reason an illegal alien should occupy any of that housing," said Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations for NumbersUSA, a group that supports curbs on immigration.

In San Diego, applicants are told they can expect to wait five to seven years. [Many illegal immigrants live in public housing , January 1, 2009]

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