Why Should A Christmas Tree Be Lethal?
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Resurfacing, I see that Peter Brimelow recently posted a discussion of the phrase ”Russian Germans” which arose, I must admit, from ignorance on my part when discussing the immigration/cultural catastrophe at the beef-packing Plants in Greeley Colorado. ”Russian-Germans” are, it appears, literally Germans immigrants to Russia generations ago, subsequently expelled.

But the key issue in Peter’s blog needs amplification. He notes Nina Markovona’s memoir and quotes

One point that emerges quickly is the sheer scale and nightmare intensity of Stalin’s purges. One of Markovna’s childhood memories is of …watching her mother and her aunt agreeing instantly to part forever after her uncle’s deportation and death, fearing that further contact would attract informers and doom their children. Her uncle’s crime: dressing a Christmas tree.

Why did Stalin’s men really care about a Christmas Tree? Alas, Kevin MacDonald appears to have the answer.

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