Illegal Alien ID: Not Just For San Francisco Democrats
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Open Borders fan and gay marriage enthusiast Gavin Newsom, the Mayor of San Francisco, is going to be giving illegal aliens official San Francisco ID cards to make up for the fact that they're "undocumented"—somewhere in Mexico there's a dresser piled high with the wallets they forgot. But Michelle Malkin points out that illegal alien ID didn't start in San Francisco:
Congress and the White House have allowed these sanctuary cities to operate with impunity. And it is the Bush Treasury Department that set the precedent for illegal alien ID cards by approving the use of the matricula consular card over the objections of veteran law enforcement officers.

Before Republicans jump all over San Fran for approving security-undermining, phony baloney IDs to illegals, they might want to take it up with the White House first.

Early coverage of the Matricula Consular card first appeared here in November 2001..
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