If The Immigrant Mass Murder In Quebec Was Committed By Muslims, Is It Still "Barbaric" And "Cowardly"?
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UPDATE: Shooter was allegedly a white French Canadian, but the question in the headline still stands.

The UK Mirror reported six hours ago that in the shooting a Quebec City mosque, attackers shouted "Allahu Akbar".

Six people are dead and more than a dozen injured after two masked gunmen opened fire on worshippers in a terror attack on a mosque in Canada.

Witnesses said the gunmen shouted "Allahu Akbar" and sprayed bullets as people prayed inside the mosque in Quebec City, which has been subjected to a number of Islamophobic attacks in recent years.

Children as young as three were among dozens of worshippers inside the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre, in the Sainte-Foy area of the city, when the massacre began during evening prayers.

In the aftermath witnesses described a chaotic scene as they scrambled for safety and heavily-armed police stormed the building in their hunt for two suspects - one of whom called police and told them he "felt bad" for what he had allegedly done.

Police arrested two university students, including one who is said to be of Moroccan origin, and carried out a number of early-morning raids following the rare mass shooting in Canada.

Quebec mosque terror attack: Six dead after gunmen shout "Allahu Akbar" and open fire during evening prayers

By Steve Robson, Chris Kitching, Mirror.uk, January 30, 2017

The Narrative seems to be impervious to facts. If the attackers are shouting a Muslim war cry, and one of them is reportedly an immigrant from a Muslim country, why are they talking about "Islamophobic attacks?" (Those are what would be called "protests" if gays did it to a Catholic church, or Leftist did it at the Trump Tower—apparently at some time in the past, pranksters left a pig's head, wrapped in plastic outside the mosque.)

The Moroccan aspect isn't a secret, but for many news readers it might as well be. Here are the results of two Google News searches conducted just now:

I saw a Telegraph report that one of the shooters (I.E. not the Moroccan) had a "Quebec name." This is grasping at straws by the MSM—if a French-Canadian  bank robber shot down a Toronto bank clerk, you would not see that in the report, but they're really hoping to blame the white guys.

A reminder that 80s Quebec mass shooter Marc Lepine had a "Quebec name"—changed from his Arab birth name of Ghamil Gharbi. See my posts:

Heavy.com's Quebec City Mosque Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, updated at 11:28, has the names.


Two suspects, Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir, were taken into custody after the shooting, police told reporters at the scene.

Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, is a native of Quebec, while Mohamed Khadir, who is in his 20s or 30s, is of Moroccan descent, TVA News reports.

A source told Radio-Canada both suspects are students at Université Laval, a French-language, public college in Quebec City.

Khadir is a Moroccan immigrant, according to multiple news sources, including Heavy.com, and is Muslim, because only Muslims are named Mohamed.

It will be a long time before that makes it as far as a headline.

Alexandre Bissonnette is in fact, a traditional Quebec person of whiteness.  I assume he's a Muslim convert, because he and his friend Mohamed  burst into a mosque with guns shouting "Allahu Akbar!"—a traditionally Muslim thing to do.

The Heavy.com piece quotes the Premier of Quebec calling the attack "barbaric" and Canada's Islamophilic Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, as calling it "cowardly".

My question is—if it turns out that this attack on Muslims was a Muslim attack for typically Muslim reasons, will they apologize for these hurtful words?


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