Is Alexandre Bissonette A Quebec Dylann Roof?
January 30, 2017, 11:31 AM
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The past couple of blogs posted on the Quebec mosque shooting have been based on MSM reports of a Muslim suspect and shouts of "Allah Akbar!" Now there are reports that the only shooter involved was white Quebec Frenchman Alexander Bissonette.

Lion Of The Blogosphere sums up what that could mean:

This changes everything. No longer a conspiracy, it’s just one lone wolf.

Also, it’s possible that reports of the gunman saying “Allahu akbar!” may have been wrong. This is something that Muslims say when they are afraid they might die and thus are about to meet Allah. So it may have been that one of the innocent people who feared for his or her life said it. I believe the same confusion happened in the reporting of the mass shooting in Munich, which I attributed to beta-male rage.

So right now, it looks like Alexandre Bissonnette may be a French-Canadian Dylann Roof. This is unfortunate because leftwing mainstream media journalists will now smugly lecture us that white Christians are the REAL terrorists.

What that means is that instead of the measured search for possible motives that we get when a black or Muslim runs amok (were they triggered by a Christmas party, were their coworkers actually racist?) we get this: