ICE SVU Releases 700 Illegals, Some Of Whom May Be Infected With Coronavirus
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ICE SVU has succumbed to a deliberate political campaign to release illegal aliens from custody. In a mass jailbreak, ICE SVU released 700 illegal aliens, many infected with the Chinese Virus. This despite the fact that the fake pandemic is receding rapidly and President Trump wants to reopen the nation. More sabotage.

The real question is why did Ken The Knife Cuccinelli agree to this? There was no need. He should know better—this is just the first demand from the Treason Bar and nation busters.

Several hundred immigrants have been released from U.S. detention centers amid concerns that the coronavirus is spreading rapidly through some facilities.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement says it has released nearly 700 detainees after evaluating their “immigration history, criminal record, potential threat to public safety, flight risk, and national security concerns.”

In New Jersey, where there have been significant outbreaks among detainees and staffers, local officials and immigrant advocates say at least 245 detainees have been released from three county jails where ICE detainees are held.

Most detainees were released by ICE, often with electronic ankle monitors to make sure they show up to later court dates. Some were ordered released by federal courts after immigration attorneys filed a flurry of habeas corpus lawsuits. The suits allege it was unconstitutional to detain immigrants on civil violations during a pandemic.

[ICE Releases Hundreds Of Immigrants As Coronavirus Spreads in Detention Centers, by Matt Katz, NPR, April 16, 2020]

Getting released from custody is a primary goal of illegal aliens in deportation proceedings. For most, they will never appear at their hearings, or if they do, they will not leave the country if ordered to do so. The only effective method to make certain an alien is deported is to hold that alien in custody until all legal maneuvers are concluded with a final order of removal. An important aspect of custody is also the time involved—aliens held in custody are at the front of the line for removal hearings, those released are usually rescheduled for hearings many years in the future. They will then claim they cannot be deported because they have been here so long, or they are too old or sick to be deported.

Here is a perfect example, an old and sick illegal alien demands release because he is sick or may become sicker, but he will immediately go on welfare because he is sick and elderly.

“I was happy as hell when they came and called me — I couldn’t believe it,” said Julio Colcas, 55, a Peruvian immigrant with mental and physical ailments. He had spent nearly two years in ICE detention at the Essex County Correctional Facility until he was released by ICE earlier this month with an ankle bracelet.

Also note that aliens with mental health ailments are not allowed to immigrate per the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), Section 212(a)(1)(A), Health Related Grounds, as well as the now implemented Public Charge grounds, as a mentally and physically ill alien is unlikely to be able to support himself, INA 212(a)(4), Public Charge.

Sadly, ICE SVU is relying on ankle bracelets to maintain some semblance of control over released illegal aliens. That lasts as long as the alien wants. A pair of wire cutters or a knife is as much as it takes to defeat an ankle monitor.

The real question is why did Ken The Knife agree to this? Perhaps it was to alleviate pressure from kritarchs ordering releases. This may work, but it more likely will cause the Treason Bar and illegal alien groups to double down on lawsuits and demands for ending custody of illegal aliens.

Worse yet, overall custody levels are crashing from over 50,000 illegal aliens in custody down to 32,000.

Meanwhile, ICE says it is trying to reduce the population of all detention facilities. About 32,300 people are currently being held by ICE, the lowest number during the Trump administration.

Time to end the jailbreak and increase those aliens in custody.

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