I Stand Corrected...Sort Of
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I recently blogged that with the Left exploiting Ted Kennedy's death for socialist healthcare, we don't need to worry about them doing the same with amnesty.  I was wrong. Michelle Malkin already has the term: "ShamnesTeddy."

Morton Kondracke wrote a column in Roll Call, "Congress Should Reform Immigration to Honor Kennedy."

Along with a health care reform bill, it would be a fitting tribute to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) if Congress could act on his other great unfinished cause: immigration reform...  The administration is certain to call for swift action on health care reform as a tribute to Kennedy. But it also should accelerate work on immigration reform in his name.
I say I was only "sort of" wrong, because while the Democrats might be able to say  "Win one for Teddy," they can't win win...certainly not months from now.
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