How the Worm Turns (Spitzer Then and Now)
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Funny how getting verbally horse-whipped for several weeks by polls, voter fury, fellow politicians and Lou Dobbs can lead even a Democrat politician to sanity.

Here's Gov. Elliot Spitzer in full arrogance mode Oct. 31, proclaiming that his dangerous scheme to reward illegal aliens with New York state drivers licenses was opposed by racists:

SPITZER: The sort of racist venom that has underlined much of the criticism I think is shameful because what we are really talking about here is security and how we run our society. [New York Governor Spitzer on American Morning Transcript CNN]

Apparently 70 percent of the American people are racist, according to Spitzer reasoning, since polling in early November showed opposition to DLs for illegals running at that level.

But when he decided to roll back the idiot policy, he surrendered politely to the public opinion he had so recently insulted:

Governor Spitzer said, "I have listened to the legitimate concerns of the public, and those who would be affected by my proposal, and have concluded that pushing forward unilaterally in the face of such opposition would be counterproductive." [Spitzer drops license plan News 10 Now 11/14/07]

Aren't we all relieved to no longer be considered racists by Gov. Spitzer?

At least the flipflop was in the right direction!

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