"How The Jewish Identity Of "Wonder Woman's"Star Is Causing A Stir"—Oh Yeah?
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I haven’t seen the Wonder Woman movie, but it’s doing well at the box office and appears to be well-liked. It stars a pretty Israeli actress named Gal Gadot. From the Washington Post:

How the Jewish identity of ‘Wonder Woman’s’ star is causing a stir

By Sarah Pulliam Bailey June 7 at 6:13 PM

“Wonder Woman” has drawn all kinds of controversy over gender politics since its release last Friday, but it has also put the spotlight on Jewish debates over race and nationality. …

The debate “Are Jews white?” has seen a resurgence since the presidential election last year and was resurrected surrounding the release of “Wonder Woman.” …

The Obama Administration sponsored a Census Bureau initiative to carve away part of its white category by creating a separate nonwhite racial category entitled Middle Eastern and North African, which would seemingly include Israelis like Gadot. What the Trump Administration will do with this proposal is unknown.

Gadot defies some of the stereotypes of women, especially as many Jewish women were portrayed on film as unattractive or the funny sidekick, said Emily Shire, politics editor at Bustle.

Sailer’s First Law of Female Journalism …

“It’s a landmark film for women for so many reasons, and this takes it to another level,” Shire said. “There is a history of Jews making movies and Jews loving movies, but who was on screen?” …

I dunno … Hedy Lamarr, Lauren Bacall?

Leading ladies are probably more often part Jewish, like Scarlett Johannson and Goldie Hawn, than full Jewish. Much the same seems to be true for leading men, like Paul Newman and Harrison Ford.

Here’s a strange assertion from the WaPo:

When European Jews began to immigrate to the United States, they were legally considered white while they were barred from activity in U.S. public life.

This would have come as a surprise to Senators David Levy Yulee and Judah P. Benjamin and Representative Lewis Charles Levin, all of whom served in Congress before the Civil War.

You don’t hear much about these guys because their politics are out of fashion. Levin was perhaps the most talented demagogue associated with the nativist Know Nothing party, and enjoyed a tumultuous life of riots and brawls before dying insane at an early age. Levy Yulee and Benjamin supported secession and slavery. Levy Yulee, the “Florida Fire Eater,” was locked up by the victorious Union for 9 months, while Benjamin escaped punishment by slipping away to Britain, where he became an important figure in the law.

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