How Many Publications Will Review Charles Murray's "Facing Reality?"
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My new Taki’s Magazine column reviews Charles Murray’s new book Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America, which was released yesterday.

Has anybody else reviewed it yet?

Here’s F. Roger Devlin’s review in VDARE. That appears to be about it, so far.

Generally, reviews of books by famous authors are embargoed until the official publication date (Tuesday June 15th in this case), with reviewers having already read the book by then, so reviews typically come out fast. It will be of interest whether Facing Reality gets widely reviewed like Murray’s 2012 Coming Apart, 1994 Bell Curve, and 1984 Losing Ground, or ignored like his 2020 Human Diversity and 2003 Human Accomplishment.

The physical hardback Facing Reality is small, elegant, and to the point, in part because a lot of the scholarly supporting material is relegated to the webpage at Encounter Books.

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Murray suggests his Violent Crime by Zip Code database might be of particular interest.

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