Horowitz: GOP Establishment Hershey Kisses Obamnesty. REDSTATE Snores. NATIONAL REVIEW Cheers..
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Eagle voters

Daniel Horowitz wields a particularly sharp blade at Conservative Review today The Hershey Kiss for Obama's Amnesty January 16th, 2015, saying of the Republicans
...the ideas emerging for their aptly-named “retreat” in Hershey, Pennsylvania should be summed up as the Hershey Kiss to Obama.  Unfortunately, the issue at stake here is arguably more consequential than the federal budget; it’s our very system of governance and the orientation of our country that is at stake with Obama’s illegal amnesty
Listing the sorry procession of defeatist and cowardly mumblings by the GOP ‘”Leadership” Horowitz points out that there is plenty of scope for action:
Unlike a statutory change, which requires 60 votes in the Senate and the signature from the president to make it law, the budget process is the exact opposite.  In order for the president to use a single penny of taxpayer money, and certainly in order to misuse funds for his illegal amnesty programs, he needs both houses of Congress to authorize the money.  As long as Republicans in the Senate and House are clear that they will not offer a penny for illegal activity, Obama will not get the funding.  It is he who must conform to their position.
but accurately concludes
Instead of being perturbed by a president declaring himself king, Republican elites are actually more concerned with the conservative response to Obama’s executive amnesty.  This is, in large part, because they agree with Obama on the underlying policy.

However, Republicans need to think long and hard about allowing the president to remake our laws, even when it simultaneously suits their K Street interests.  If Obama can remake our immigration system through the stroke of a pen, what else will he do in the next two years?

Saying rude (but accurate) things like this it is no wonder Horowitz was eliminated from the far more prominent RedState! Where, incidentally, there has been no mention of Obamnesty for quite some time. Eric Erickson seems to have been told to try distracting the Peasants with abortion.

I suppose that is better than at National Review where Joel Gehrke is continuing the function he performed over CRomnibus - trying to demoralize them. Terror in a Pennsylvania Town subtitled Terrorism threats change the GOP's immigration calculus. January 15 2015 is a sustained gloat about how the DHS excuse is being grabbed by many Congresscritters,

House Republican Conference chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington, whose conference has already passed the DHS bill targeting Obama’s orders, said that keeping DHS open is their top priority.

“We will be working very closely with the president,” she told reporters

This attitude is no surprise: remember Treason Lobbyess Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Crashes MSM Servers Via Drudge

Of course Judge Napolitano is right. Citing technical and practical objections to the defunding strategy simply makes the case for Impeachment stronger.

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