"Hope You'll Remember That Next Time You Wonder How The Republicans Can Be So Out Of Touch With Average People"
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Kathy Shaidle writes this at FiveFeetOfFury:
Speaking of "racism":

So-called conservative Conor "Eat Me Last" Friedersdorf denounced me as a racist a couple of days back, and called on others to do so.

So far, thousands upon thousands of people have either read my post or heard it discussed on Rush Limbaugh's show (for two days in a row.)

I've received 99% positive feedback, from people thanking me (as usual) for saying what they don't have the courage to say themselves. I guess they're all racists, too.

Which means the only person who has taken up Conor Friedersdorf's challenge is... Conor Friedersdorf.

But remember, everyone:

Conor Friedersdorf is a budding big shot on GOP circles, increasingly well situated to steer policy and strategy.

One way or another, you might even help pay his salary, either now or one day in the very near future.

And he thinks you're a racist.

Hope you'll remember that next time you wonder how the Republicans can be so out of touch with average people, and wonder if you should bother writing them another check.

Here's a list of the Chairmen of the RNC for the last ten years:
59 Jim Gilmore 2001-2002 Virginia
60 Marc Racicot 2002-2003 Montana
61 Ed Gillespie 2003-2005 Virginia
62 Ken Mehlman 2005-2007 Washington, D.C. stepped down at end of 2006
63 Mike Duncan 2007-2009 Kentucky Senator Mel Martinez served with Duncan as general chairman before stepping down in October 2007.
63 Mel Martinez 2007 Florida Served with Mike Duncan as general chairman.
64 Michael Steele 2009-present Maryland First African American Chairman.
Some of the recent Chairmen are diversity hires—not only don't they look like the Republican base, (white males with jobs) they don't even like them.

Mel Martinez:"To be the party of the future means that we also have to be a party that opens the door wide open so that all Americans feel welcome." Apparently whether they're Americans or not—he was big on amnesty for all.

Then there was Michael Steele going on television and saying white Republicans were scared of him.

And the boring, white, Americans on that list haven't been much better. Ellison Lodge wrote recently:

"In the interest of racial justice, I should add whenever Barack Obama pushes some anti-white policy, I ask myself: "Would President Hillary Clinton or John Edwards do the same thing" In most cases, they would.

Similarly, whenever Michael Steele panders, I ask: "Would Ken Mehlman or Ed Gillespie do the same thing?"

Which they almost certainly would. So who does the Republican National Committee represent, anyway? It won't represent the white victims of affirmative action, or the other white victims of immigration, but it also clearly doesn't represent minorities either, since they don't want to be represented by Republicans, and voted up 95% for Obama.

We have here a party, and possibly a movement, that represents nobody. How are they doing electorally? Right.

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