Harry Reid Not Opposed To Sex...or Importing Workers
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The latest odd statement on the campaign trail in Nevada came when Harry Reid blurted out for some reason that he's not opposed to sex.
In one of the stranger moments on the campaign trail today, an audience member at Comma Coffee in Carson City asked U.S. Sen. Harry Reid what he is doing to encourage immigrant women of child-bearing age to come to the United States.Reid began to launch into a serious answer on immigration and then paused."Let me answer it this way: I'm not opposed to sex," he said to a few moments of silence before the crowd began laughing. [Reid: I'm not Opposed to Sex, Reno Gazette-Journal, April 6, 2010]
Ha ha.  What is more odd than his answer is the question?  Why on earth with 25 million Americans out of work and social services stretched thin would we want to encourage immigrants to come over have anchor baby children who will be entitled—and will entitle their mothers—to unlimited government services.

Reid isn't opposed to sex, but if he were a responsible politician, he'd be opposed to encouraging even more immigrants to come here.

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