Why National Review publishes Garbage
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H/T OneSTDV, for a devastating critique of Racial Recession by Kevin Hassett National Review March 31 2010.

This article, from the March 22cnd Treezine edition, is an Exhibit A specimen of evidence of the degeneration of NR into a NeoCon intravenous feed of leftist poison into American Conservatism.

Hassett notes that there is evidence that in the recession, blacks have been harder hit than whites, and moronically asserts that the reason is discrimination.

…discrimination is alive and well…If conservatives want to appeal to black Americans, they can start by admitting there is a problem.

No other explanation is considered. (Hassett’s proposed remedies are basically just some Country Club tax policies.)

OneSTDV, given its interests, naturally proposes that

I think something is missing (H/T: Blumenthal for the fantastic link). Perhaps this underpins the fact "a large share of the variation is unexplained by things we can measure"

This something is that black workers are more marginal because of lower IQ. But other possibilities are also noted:

there's a myriad of explanations beyond simple discrimination, i.e. immigrants pushing down wages, a downturn in jobs caused by technological advancement, stereotypical black obstreperousness making them unattractive to employers, pursuit of criminal activities (10% of young black men are incarcerated), or simple laziness

VDARE.com of course would stress the impact of immigration of more employable Hispanics

But Hassett does not even consider anything else. (If he had, the article would not have been published.)

Since the proposed solutions are so feeble, what was the point of publishing this silliness? The only plausible reason is that the control group here is on a mission to keep up white guilt, sustain the lobotomization of the average GOP supporter, and above all prevent any sensible consideration of race.

OneSDTV’s comment thread is a pleasure to read:


Not that long ago this magazine was publishing Sailer!

But than the keys were handed over to a pack of Likudniks, and this is what we've gotten


blacks suffer high unemployment because they are insufferably unemployable.

they are on average ruder, less conciliatory with annoyed customers, less able to follow direction, less concerned with things like punctuality and order. a service economy has no use for them.

i used to be a manager…

The Undiscovered Jew

Do even so-called "mainstream" conservatives pay any attention to National Review these days?

I don't see a lot of evidence NR is really that important.

If you go to large conservative blog such as HotAir.com, freerepublic, or Ace of Spades you can see articles from National Review aren't posted much.

OneSTDV concluded with a succinct reminder of how different things once were - as Peter Brimelow has also noted.

Tell Kevin Hassett to reactivate his brain

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