Mall Owners try Immigration Dissent Repression
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In Frederick, Maryland, an enterprising gentleman by the name of James Kehoe operates a business called the Antietam Gallery at the Francis Scott Key Mall.

Recently he started selling a T shirt proclaiming ”Maryland stands with Arizona” in support of SB 170— and the Mall owners tried to stop him.

After complaint, 'Maryland stands with Arizona' shirts still on sale by Meg Tully The Frederick News-Post September 18, 2010

The letter from the management states that the tenant's actions violate specific terms of the lease, including sections limited his store to the retail sale of prints, framing and directly related items, and another saying he was operating in a manner inconsistent with the general standards of merchandising in the shopping center.

"Sale and display of said goods with derogatory or offensive political messages also violates Section 5.01(c) in which Tenant agrees to operate in a respectable manner," the letter states.

Initially they tried to brush off protests:

"Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT), owner and manager of Francis Scott Key Mall, considers tenant-landlord relationships private," the company said. "As an industry standard, leases and any business or legal matters related to leases, are only discussed with the parties involved. PREIT adheres to this standard."

But eventually they smelled the coffee: Mall: Letter was a mistake by Megan Eckstein September 21, 2010

PREIT officials were not aware of the Sept. 2 letter until receiving Kehoe's written response late last week, PREIT Vice President of Retail Marketing Judy Trias said…

I think someone maybe got a little over-zealous and thought that was what they were supposed to do," she said.

This is of course basically a lie. No one in a Public Company sends out a letter on the firm’s letterhead (thereby committing the employer) without being extremely confident of Management’s approval. asks: What would have happened — probably usually does happen — if James Kehoe had not been a strong man?

Complain to Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust’s management

Robert Rubin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

George F. Rubin Vice Chairman

Edward A. Glickman President and Chief Operating Officer

about their firm’s attack on American Freedom.

This revives an issue I noted last Christmas Day: Mall managements apparently are often the culprits in setting the anti Christmas tone in their establishments.

I suggested Focus on the Family — which has done a great job of monitoring Stores — should also target Malls too.

Encourage them. These Mall owners may be a real enemy.

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