Homosexual Rapist—“North African Asylum Seeker”—Jailed In Scotland
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The sexual jihad that Muslim “migrants” are waging across Europe includes homosexual rape. The culprit in the latest case was Sufian Al Zaki, who sexually assaulted a man in Edinburgh, Scotland. A judge sentenced the pervert to 45 months in jail, and banned him from Calton Hill, which is not only the headquarters of the Scottish government but also a popular trysting site for homosexuals.

“Sufian Al Zaki tried to rape his victim after leading him to a wooded area at Edinburgh’s Calton Hill and taking off his glasses, before pushing him to the ground during the assault,” EdinburghLive.com reported:

The victim told the High Court in Edinburgh: “It was dark. I could hardly see.” Police who went to his aid found him alone and upset, but able to indicate where the attack had occurred.

Al Zaki, 35, also known as Muhmad Bnay, had denied sexually assaulting the man during an earlier trial, but was convicted of the rape attempt on October 11 in 2019 at a pathway near to the city's Royal Terrace.

He was acquitted of attempting to rape another man on October 3 in 2018 at steps at Calton Hill. …

Al Zaki, of no fixed abode, claimed during his evidence at the trial that he was not violent. He said of the rape bid: “It is not coming to my mind about what happened with this man. I know that there are people coming to this park for this purpose.”

Al Zaki went to Scotland “to seek protection.”

Why of course he did.

Problem is, Europeans need protection from Muslim rapists and other criminals; i.e., Muslim immigration means sexual jihad.

Then again, Europeans need protection from their own Ruling Class, which is importing the Muslim rapists.

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