Homeowners: Don't Worry, Be Happy, Hire Illegals
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In something of a pre-emptive strike against predictable citizen revulsion toward the crowds of illegals proclaiming hatred for America on commie May Day, the Associated Press came up with some shameless propaganda that illegal immigration is good for us.

Chill out, the story subtly suggests, don't fear the invading thousands waving Mexican flags. That's just their way of saying they like tacos for lunch when you hire them to work on your house. Just cruise down to your local Home Depot and get some cheap illegal workers for yourself.

Yep, it's the humble homeowner putting dollars in Juan's pocket [Homeowners, top employers of day laborers, say the system works, AP, 4/29/06 ].

BURBANK, Calif. - Chris James needed help moving a piano and three dozen boxes of records from his music studio - so instead of corralling some buddies, he rented a truck and hired some workers from outside the local Home Depot.

Within minutes, two Guatemalan men James had promised $12.50 an hour were in his truck.

If James, 31, worked solo "it would take all day." [...]

It was first time James hired day laborers, but it won't be his last.

No mention of the ugly down side of the neo-slave economy, however — the murders, rapes and property crimes that occasionally result from unidentified workers.

The family of the late Mary Nagle surely regret allowing illegal alien Douglas Herrera to do painting prep work on their house. The mother of two was savagely raped and murdered in her bedroom by a man who was supposed to supply cheap labor only.

Another horrific case was the murder of an elderly couple, Eugenia and Sabato Russo, who owned a popular North Hollywood restaurant. A Mexican national who had worked as one of a flooring crew in the Russo home returned to rob and kill them.

The MSM wants naive Americans to think there is no danger in bringing total strangers from foreign countries into their homes, thereby revealing possessions, children and individual vulnerability to crime. Common sense concerns about safety would distract from the warm feelings of helping willing workers of the world, so the press leaves out that part.


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