Spanish Anthem's Kidron's Messy, Marxist Past
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Goodness knows Britain is full of nogoodniks- I emigrated, didn't I? - but this Adam Kidron, always described as the "British" record producer responsible for the Spanish-language travesty of the national anthem, is obviously a prize specimen. (It's not a translation but a complete rewrite, by the way, glorifying the illegal immivasion). Steve Sailer has now provided the story that the MSM mysterously has not: Kidron is the son of Michael Kidron, a South African-born Marxist academic who emigrated first to Israel and then to Britain, where he was prominent in International Socialists, a leading Trotskyite group. Adam Kidron himself has a history of sleazy deals, lovingly chronicled by Steve.

I remember IS well from my student days in Britain in the 1960s. Despite the elegaic tone of the reminiscences I see on Kidron's web archive, they were never anything but a bunch of thugs who would have happily brought the Gulag to Britain if they'd had the chance. It's a scandal of contemporary culture that the MSM would never have been so indifferent to Adam Kidron's backgound if he was the son of a Nazi.

According to one obituary, Michael Kidron's last article before he died in 2003 was still "full of hatred" for the system that brought wealth to himself and his children. Obviously, Adam Kidron has inherited that hate. To hell with them all.

On a lighter note, Mark in Mexico has an amusing account of Mexico's mucho macho National Anthem. Maybe we should rewrite that.

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