Home Depot Loses A Customer
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No surprises here, but I think the VDARE readers may have an interest in this letter that came in a minute ago regarding Home Depot and the anarchy we will witness tomorrow.

From Joe in Texas:

Did you ever wonder what Home Depot thinks about the Illegal Alien protests scheduled to happen tomorrow? I found out. I was at Home Depot today. My wife wants me to build a new swing set for the kids and storage shed. I went there today to get an estimate of the cost of everything I need.

While there, my wife suggested we buy the materials today and have them delivered tomorrow, since I have the day off from work. I was all set to buy $2000 worth of stuff. When we told them we wanted the stuff delivered, they said no problem, “We can have it at your house on Tuesday morning”. I told them that was unacceptable, that I needed everything tomorrow as I would not be home any other day until next week.

After some discussion, and I walked off rather angry, (I was sure I knew why I could not get anything delivered tomorrow), the clerk told my wife the truth. He admitted that Home Depot HQ’s put the word out that there should be no deliveries on Monday in support of the boycott.

We went to a second Home Depot and got the same message. I guess illegal alien boycotts are more important to Home Depot that their Legal US Citizen customers.

Remember, no matter what the media or open borders crowds says; this boycott is not about Immigrants, it is about giving rights to Illegal Aliens.

Looks like it will be some time before the kids get their new swing set and I get my storage buildings.

All I will add to Joe from Texas' letter is that I hope he will consider another retailer next time. [Email Home Depot's Public Relations department, or use this contact form.]

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