Homeless in Hminneapolis
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Quiz time. What happens when the State Deparment imports thousands of Hmong who have lived for decades in Thai refugee camps, speak no English, bring a passle of kids and have no job skills?

Answer: Eventual homelessness for some, as documented in "The Last Place on Earth."

A Catholic-affiliated homeless shelter in Hminneapolis, Mary's Place, has 221 Hmong residents who couldn't line up adequate welfare benefits, er, find enough work.

Nearly 5,000 Hmong have been dumped on Minnesota in the last couple years, thanks to Mayor Randy Kelly's hmeddling, in collusion with local Hmong and Washington bureaucrats. In settlement projects of previous decades, Hmong refugees were placed in public housing, but now the waiting lists are so long in Hminneapolis and St. Paul that no additional names are taken.

Deep into the article, the housing shortage is called "eminently predictable."

"We knew going in that probably the biggest difficulty that was going to face the new arrivals was housing," says Ramsey County's Anderson. "There's no subsidies available and there's no public housing available."

Well, we wouldn't expect our public officials to plan and work for the public good, now would we? At least Hmayor Kelly got his diversity kicked at the polls.

As usual, the clear-eyed realists at Vdare.com warned of the foreseeable hmisfortune.

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