Home Depot Day Laborer Site Protest This Saturday
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Last June, Home Depot approached the Burbank City Council with plans to build a new facility.

The city of Burbank was concerned that a new store would attract more day laborers who generally gather in front of home improvement stores hoping to pick up work from local contractors. To address this concern, the Burbank City Council asked Home Depot to build a day laborer center across the street as a condition of their permit approval.

They also demanded that Home Depot pick up the $94,000 annual cost of running the center—last week, the Burbank City Council awarded the contract for managing the center to Catholic Charities of Los Angeles. [My column on Saturday discusses another pet project of Catholic Charities...EL Concilio...must see TV, folks.]

See also: Brenda Walker's column last week for more info on the Catholic Church (here).

Save Our State [website] will be protesting the aiding and abetting of illegal aliens by Home Depot and the city of Burbank.

The details:

Saturday, January 21st 8am - 11am 1125 South Flower Burbank, CA

If you're available, this should be a good one. Personally, I consider protesting Home Depot something like a hobby so I will definitely try to be there!

Burbank City Council:

Jef Vander Borght, Mayor [email him]

Todd Campbell, Vice Mayor [email him]

Dave Golonski, Council Member [email him]

Marsha Ramos, Council Member [email her]

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