A Government Official Says Hmm About Hmong
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March 03, 2004

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RE: Hmore Hmong? Polygamous Hmong?

From:  [Name Withheld]

Working for the government, I've interviewed a few Hmong households.  They all had huge families and the parents spoke no English whatsoever.  Every one of the families was on multiple forms of welfare (including my favorite, SSI). 

I find remarkable that in every household both parents are on SSI.  What are the chances that BOTH spouses in every household I ever interviewed were laid up with a disability?

Never ran into polygamy though...

I remember one family, they were watching a video of water buffalos fighting in ring like a cock fight.  Charming.

These are probably the people least suited to life in a modern society that you could possibly dig up.  They're basically pre-modern hunter-gather tribes.

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