Hispanic Terrorism
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Six years ago, Arab terrorists killed almost 3000 people in one day. Ever since then, attempts to restrain illegal Mexican immigration have been met with the claim that we should concentrate on terrorism.

In the last six years, of course, Mexicans and Central Americans have killed many more than 3000 Americans, but retail, rather than wholesale. A mass murder here, a bank robbery there, a woman strangled in a shower stall...and all the victims of Hispanic drunk drivers.

But still, nothing like a genuine Muslim mass murder, like you get in London, Bali, Madrid, and six years ago in New York. Just your day to day killings.

But Mexicans have their own traditions of terrorism. Nuevo Laredo is only slightly less dangerous than Iraq, and recently there's this massive, coordinated bombing in Mexico.

Sabotage blamed as blasts rip Mexico pipelines Houston Chronicle Sept. 10, 2007, 8:53PM Second such attack in 2 months may cut natural gas supplies 25% while repairs made


MEXICO CITY – Saboteurs attacked four natural gas pipelines in energy-rich Veracruz state Monday, the second time in as many months that the country's petroleum infrastructure has been targeted.Mexican explosions

Explosive charges detonated in the pre-dawn darkness at six locations on the pipelines that link refineries to consumers in Mexico City and other major population centers. The pipelines are operated by the government's petroleum monopoly, Pemex.

Fighting illegal Mexican immigration may turn out to have anti-terrorism implications after all—and it's not as if the Wall Street Journal, which wrote in 2002 that John Ashcroft should

worry about ...the hijackers who entered the U.S. legally in the case of the September 11 attacks, not Mexicans working at chicken plants in that notorious terror enclave of Shelbyville, Tennessee.

were really interested in controlling Muslim immigration either.

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