Hillary's "No Borders" Policy Or The Donald's Wall? Do The Democrats Really Want To Ask America?
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Steve Sailer is a great asset but there are times when I think that his headlines are too clever by half.

A case in point was Wednesday’s Clinton and Merkel: Rhetorical Momentum vs. Diminishing Marginal Utility. Those who struggled past the uninviting caption found political dynamite. In her South Carolina victory speech Clinton apparently said

“Instead of building walls, we need to be tearing down barriers. We need to show that we really are all in this together.”
Steve caustically observes
…who exactly are the “we” Hillary says “are all in this together.” Does Hillary’s “we” refer to Americans…or to anybody who shows up at those hateful border barriers?
and goes on to observe
…you might say that Hillary is an aged and cynical politician, and that whatever her speechifying, she wouldn’t actually do anything so stupid as to give encouragement to a flash mob from south of the border.

But you would have been tempted to say the same thing a year ago about the chancellor of Germany.

I of course think Merkel has been bribed to destroy Germany for the reasons I laid out in Merkel: Gone Mad—Or Bribed? GOP Example Suggests The Latter. Many find this inconceivable. Far fewer I think would find it inconceivable that the Clinton Inc outfit would accept a bribe. What did she need a non-State Department server for anyway? Calling Marc Rich!

The explosives here are that Clinton articulated what has actually been the policy of the Democratic Party since the Obama Administration engineered the Kidinvasion in the summer of 2014: Pelosi Stated Obamacrat Immigration Policy: Not Open Borders: NO Borders. GOP/AdelZuck response: Zzzzz. This was reiterated later in the year: Obama’s Hispanic Immigration Chief Arrogantly Flaunts “No Borders” Policy. And last November it became clear that Obama’s successors acquiesced in this Treason: Democratic Presidential Aspirants Confirm Party’s “No Borders” Policy: Central Americans Respond.

On immigration, the Democrats are now far to the left of where they were in 2012.

The Democrats are in a fool’s paradise. The immivasion continues more or less out of Public debate because of the connivance of the MSM in suppression, and more problematically the acquiescence of the Congressional GOP. Blatant refusal by the President to enforce important laws should have triggered impeachment: instead it has clearly been used to harvest another round of bribes.

But this is the eye of a political Hurricane. Anyone who thinks that given the choice between a virtually unreported policy of No Borders and national obliteration and the Great Wall Of Trump Americans will enthusiastically choose the former is delusional. And anyone who thinks Donald Trump can be induced, like Romney, to forgo the issue does not appreciate the Donald’s instinct for the jugular.

There is much talk of the Republican squabbles amounting to suicide. The reality is that lack of opposition has lured Clinton and the Democrats into mortal hubris.

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