Hate Stalks Northwestern U. (In The Form Of An Imaginary Noose And An "OK To Be White" Sticker)
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From the Chicago Tribune:

Northwestern University condemns ‘attempts at racial intimidation,’ including noose found on campus

by Dawn Rhodes

Northwestern University leaders are urging people to come forward as they probe racist acts on campus over the past month, including one in which a noose was found inside a sports facility.

The incidents, which involved “repugnant symbols of hate and intolerance,” according to a university statement, occurred March 15 and April 8.

In the first, campus police discovered a rope that had been fashioned into a noose on a table outside the locker rooms at the Henry Crown Sports Pavilion. Investigators said at the time they believed the noose had been left there sometime overnight.

A student later reported to school leaders that she had been using the rope for a class project and accidentally left it behind, according a university statement Friday.

… In the later incident, a student posted to social media a photo of a sticker posted in Allison Dining Hall. The sticker read, “It’s Okay to Be White,” a slogan adopted by neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups.

… But Northwestern officials have not been able to confirm the presence of that sticker, nor found any others on campus, officials said.

Leaders at the Evanston campus condemned the behavior and said police are still investigating.

“Both incidents involve repugnant symbols of hate and intolerance,” the university’s statement read. “Acts of hate, whether premeditated or not, will not go unchallenged at Northwestern University. Those who choose to be a part of the Northwestern community are expected to abide by a code of conduct that does not tolerate such acts.”

So I guess that officially answers the implicit question: It’s not okay to be white at Northwestern. The only acceptable role for whites at Northwestern is one of being racially intimidated at all times.

This could be a popular TV drama: Jussie Smollett, Nathan Phillips, Morris Dees, Tina Tcheng, Kim Foxx, and the Nigerian Bodybuilder Bros team up to solve hate crimes every Thursday night at 9pm. They could report back via speakerphone to a mysterious billionaire offscreen.

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