Finally, We Have the Official Intersectional Pokemon Points List
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From WNYT news in Albany, NY:

Survey grading kids’ ‘privilege’ status outrages Saratoga Springs parents

February 15, 2019 11:11 PM

SARATOGA SPRINGS – A class exercise in Saratoga Springs gets a failing grade from some parents in the district. It asked students at the high school to score their privileged status. …

The way it works is there are different topics. You get “points” for how you answer each topic. For example, in the “Religion” category, if you’re Jewish, you get 25 points. If you’re Christian, you get just five points.

There’s also a category called “Attractiveness.” If you have an attractive face, you get 10 points, but if you have an ugly face, you get -20 points.

… In the “Race” category, if you’re White, you get 25 points. If you’re Latino, you get -50 points.

If your points add up to more than 50, you are privileged, but if they add up to less than 50, you are very disprivileged.

… The district says this survey allows students to have a conversation, examine their background and to recognize the value and difference of others.

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