Bloomberg Columnist Says US Immigration Laws Same As Apartheid
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For quite some years, uncouth and plutocratic Michael Bloomberg has been prominent in his eagerness to harm his fellow Americans with floods of fresh immigration – because he despises them, for selfish reasons, or perhaps as Larry Auster has suggested, because of

a fantastical tribal drama enacting itself in Bloombrain’s head.

Recently I noted in Bloomberg Demands: Amnesty, Accelerated Immigration  a peculiar editorial on Bloomberg’s News Service which scrupulously set out most of the current patriotic arguments—and then proceeded to simply ignore them.

Evidently the Bloomberg management got word that taking note of contrary arguments in any way is forbidden, because a recent issue of Bloomberg Business Week carried How to Be a Patriot: Hire an Illegal Immigrant By Charles Kenny, July 07, 2011. This is as fanatical and factually erroneous a piece of Treason Lobby propaganda as I have seen in years.

Its flavor can be gathered from the tendentious sub-heading

Laws against illegal immigration make little economic or moral sense. So why punish the brave citizens who break them?


Kenny actually advocated illegal action:

When a law itself prohibits doing the right thing, when it is immoral rather than just annoying or inconvenient, and when breaking that law does no great harm to any others, it is justifiable for people of conscience to choose to break that law.

I learned of this rant from the Mangan’s blog which did a fine job of eviscerating it. In response to Kenny’s remark Dennis Mangan noted

Let's see, what did he leave out, hmmm... oh, yeah, "good for Americans" is what he left out.

The Bloomberg comment thread garnered 284 responses, many wildly hostile.

On Mangan’s own comment thread “Rohan Swee” said

Now we all know they're gunning for a huge amnesty….

On a jollier note, most of the comments I've looked at, save those from the libertardian holy-rollers, are having none of it. The highest-rated comment is from one "Rantly McTirade":

What a clueless idiot. With real world unemployment running north of 12%, this insulting hack flacks for unpatriotic corporocrats and 'entrepreneurs'.

Illegals need to be arrested and deported forthwith, whether they've been here 20 years or 20 minutes. However, those who employ them, or flack for them, as Kenny does, need to be completely ruined-bankrupted and imprisoned, and their families and associates shunned and bankrupted as well.

And the US is NOT 'a nation of immigrants'-it is a nation and culture based on the history and culture of Europeans generally(and Northern Europeans most specifically) in cultural and ethnic terms, and, to the extent religion can be cited, Christian. And no, those initial Americans did not 'immigrate' they colonized the current US, and physically beat down the indigenous peoples at times as part of the process… Yet the descendants of the culture and peoples who colonized the nation in the first place are actually expected to quietly accept the transformation of the nation into some kind of multiculti mystery stew. Well, its time to stop 'tolerating' this transformation(for whose benefit?) and start fighting it-with special focus on the self-loathing and treasonous.

Hahaha. Preach it, brother.

Nevertheless, Kenny’s tirade is important because it openly admits its open borders enthusiasm is in the end not economic in motivation:

Current U.S. immigration laws have all the moral standing of pass laws in apartheid South Africa….

(Israel's example, strangely, was overlooked.) He claims those who engage in the

mass disregard of immigration laws (are) the rightful heirs of a civil disobedience movement outlined in Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”

Sounds like Charles J Kenny has a “fantastical tribal drama” going on in his head as bad as Bloomberg’s—in this case, perhaps what Peter Brimelow has called

a bar-room ballad view of Irish history

Charles Kenny maintains his own website.

Protest to him.

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