Harrisburg Headed for Detroit/Newark/Camden Status
February 10, 2011, 05:28 AM
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Since the election of black mayor Linda Thompson, Pennsylvania`s beleaguered capitol city has started to spin out of control. She`s had three spokespeople in her brief tenure, the city`s top lawyer has just quit, and the SEC is investigating.

Most damning were the words of the last spokesman, one Chuck Ardo, a Rendell administration figure recruited to help fix the mess. He broke the usual code of silence surrounding such departures, declaring that

�I believe the mayor is intent on doing the right thing, but the challenges are greater than her ability. This job would be difficult for absolutely anybody with experience, and here’s a woman who has no experience in management or managing crises."
The local newspaper, the Patriot-News, dropped its usual protection of Thompson when it was revealed that she liked to bash Jews and gays.

Ah, the pungent diversity of it all. Nut-job black radical mayors, Jewish spokesmen, homosexual controllers... it would all be entertaining, except that it just doesn`t work. It`s dysfunctional. And with a population that`s about half black, even a talented and cooperative management team could only hope to keep up a Potemkin village of First-World status.

You know — enough to reassure the legislators who convene there that race isn`t a reality.