Happy Mother Cabrini Anniversary! Oh, And Hanukkah Begins
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As this is written, there are 27.6 million "recent" results in Google News for "hanukkah" vs. only 26,500 results for "Mother Cabrini," one of which is a story about an attempt by New York Mayor Bill di Blasio's appalling wife to block the erection of a statue of her [Chirlane McCray nixed Mother Cabrini statue – not cultural affairs commissioner, by Julia Marsh, New York Post, December 17, 2019]. This is particularly odd because Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini is not only the first canonized American citizen (she was born in Italy in 1850, naturalized in 1909, and died December 22, 1917) but also (drumroll) the PATRON SAINT Of IMMIGRANTS! What more do these people want?

Oh, Hanukkah begins too on December 22, but it's a now multicultural must that no religious festival can be mentioned without also mentioning the nearest festival of some other religion, just as Christmas can no longer be mentioned without a reference to, well, Hanukkah

Somehow, however, the MSM neglects to provide the nearest Saint's day in the Christian calendar to each year's Rosh HashanahYom Kippur and Passover—there are a lot of saints! So it has become a VDARE.com service (as so often) to fill the gap.

VDARE.com has many Jewish writers and donors (God bless them every one). And, unlike the unpleasant War On Christmas perpetrators, we wish all our readers, writers and donors a Happy. We mean it.

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