Guadalupe Hidalgo Day, 2022—Celebrate The Victory!
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Once again, we celebrate America's victory in what used to be called "The Mexican War" of 1848, which as Jared Taylor points out here, is not only about how America got Texas and California, but Oregon as well. Even before the Great Awokening, American schoolchildren were told that this was an "imperialistic war of aggression," which is nothing different than what Mexican schoolchildren are taught about it. It wasn't. See, for example, James K. Polk And Our Just War Against Mexico, by Pat Buchanan.

For some even more based history of the Mexican War, see The War with Mexico | The actual circumstances of the war were far different from today’s conventional wisdom, by Erik Peterson, American Renaissance, September 1995.

On February 2, 1848, the US signed the Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo, surrendering all of Mexico's claims to the Southwest. and ever since then Mexicans in Mexico, Mexicans in America, and Mexican-Americans have been whining about it and wanting it back. See Reconquista Is Real, by Michelle Malkin, May 2, 2006.

In 2017, Enrique Krauze had an Op-Ed in the New York Times proposing some kind of Mexican lawsuit to the International Court of Justice called Will Mexico Get Half of Its Territory Back?, April 6, 2017.

Krause said the case for this was motivated by "the need to confront Mr. Trump’s aggression," which is weird, because in the 21st century Mexico is invading America, meddling in its politics, and as Trump pointed out in 2015, raping its women.

Krause also asked "How much of the historic prosperity of the United States of America stems from the development of territories originally inhabited by Mexicans and ripped away from Mexico through an invasion and a war of territorial conquest?" to which Steve Sailer replied 

You know, there’s a pretty easy way to check: go to San Diego and then go to Tijuana next door.

If California were still part of Mexico, what in our universe is the Pebble Beach Golf Links would be, in the Mexican-rule universe, a shantytown.

In a release timed to match the treaty, a Latino comic book artist has released this:

“With Latinos being villainized the way they are currently, and the fact that all of this land that we’re on in Texas, Arizona and California was stolen, and even with what the Biden, Obama and Trump administrations have done with immigration, we’re in such a bad place from the people that controlled everything,” [writer, actor and producer Al] Madrigal told NBC News.

Al Madrigal [Tweet him] is a native-born American citizen who believes this. For him, here's a cartoon of our own:

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