Grover Norquist And Immigration Policy
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Grover Norquist is taking a lot of abuse in the Mainstream Media over his trying to get GOP politicians to keep their tax pledge—a promise they made to his Americans for Tax Reform organization in writing not to surrender to the Obama Administration over a tax hike.

He’s being defended in Conservatism Inc. publications by people like Reihan Salam and Rich Lowry, who says that Norquist should “should wear the elite obloquy as a badge of honor.” (This is a position Lowry significantly refused to take over John Derbyshire.)

What no one is bashing Norquist over is his terrible immigration enthusiasm. He’s actually been known to break down and cry in public over "damaging" and "hateful" rhetoric by “anti-reform populists“—I. E. people like us.

Probably the most “hateful” thing we’d say about him regards his obsession with racial profiling of Arabs. The campaign against racial profiling was partly responsible for 9/11. And Norquist, before 9/11, was working with George Bush , Karl Rove, and the Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee to stop the INS from being mean to Arab terrorist immigrants.

Anyhow, people who are criticizing him for his tax policy are wrong, they should be criticizing him for his immigration policy.

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