Illegals Opening Another Invasion Front On The Northern Border
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Two recent tweets from the border chief in the Swanton Border Sector in Vermont suggest that illegal aliens are opening another invasion front on the Northern border with Canada. And data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection bear that out. Encounters with border agents increased more than 300 percent from fiscal 2021 to 2022.

“Swanton Sector #BorderPatrol Agents have apprehended 81 subjects from 11 different countries, including Ecuador, Guatemala, Canada, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Italy, Mexico, Romania, and Spain,” Chief Border Agent Keith Hoops tweeted last week.

And yesterday, he explained that illegals are bringing children across the border in freezing weather.

As for the data, in fiscal 2020, agents encountered 32,376 illegals; in fiscal 2021, 27,180. 

And in fiscal 2022, the first full year of the Brandon Regime? 109,535, a 303 percent increase over fiscal ’21.

Already in fiscal 2023, which began October 1, agents have encountered 15,938 illegals.

Their countries of origin run the gamut, but the biggest contributor is India: 17,331, a 679 percent increase over fiscal ’21.

No. 2 is China: 6,698, a 648 percent boost. 

“Other” unidentified countries contributed 32,145 illegals, a 506 percent increase.

Granted, almost all the illegals at the Northern Border showed up at ports of entry; border agents caught just 2,238 who tried to sneak into the country. But that figure is a 144 percent increase over fiscal ’21.

And now we know that illegals aren’t just perfectly happy to watch their kids die of sunstroke and heat exhaustion in the desert. They don’t mind them freezing to death, either.

H/T: Border Hawk

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