Great Replacement Update, Health Care Edition: Illegals Overwhelm Yuma’s Only Hospital. What Happens To Americans Who Need Care?
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Another of the bills for Traitor Joe Biden’s Great Replacement Invasion Force has come due in Yuma, Arizona. Illegals haven’t just swarmed into the streets. They’ve swarmed into Yuma Regional Medical Center. The unpaid bill: $20 million… in just six months. But the larger import of the story is what our dispossession and replacement mean for health care: You’ll be pushed aside, perhaps unable to get a hospital room, or left without a hospital when the crushing burden of illegal-alien medical care closes it.

“We tracked our uncompensated care for a period of over six months, and we calculated that we’ve provided over $20 million in uncompensated care to the migrants crossing the border,” hospital CEO Robert Transchel told Fox & Friends Weekend’s Rachel Campos-Duffy:

Transchel said neither the city, the state nor the federal government is providing funds to accommodate the costs associated with the migrant influx.

He added that, despite taking the issue to Arizona officials and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the problem remains unsolved. ...

“[W]e just don’t have a payer source for those individuals. It’s not a sustainable model to have these continued rising expenses without a revenue source to offset that,” he added.

[Arizona hospital on brink of collapse after spending $20 million on migrant care: ‘Nobody has a solution, by Taylor Penley, Fox News, February, 2023]

The $20 million doesn’t count related expenses, such as increased staffing.

Illegals are the only patients receiving free care.

Of course, the care really isn’t “free.” Someone pays, and that someone is you, through higher taxes or insurance premiums.

So again, we are paying for our own dispossession and replacement. Along the way, we might be left without medical care, a finite resource after all, and perhaps even decent hospitals in which to get it.

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