Q: When uninsured immigrants are hurt, who pays? A: You.
March 28, 2005, 11:35 PM
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When uninsured immigrants are hurt, who pays?- Alan Bavley. The Kansas City Star, March 24, 2005, is as rich a serving of facts on America’s illegal immigration/health care disaster as I have seen in a long time:
  • A specific financial atrocity – in this case, a badly injured uninsured illegal of 2 years standing who has already cost North Kansas City Hospital $250,000
  • Further damning details: "In Dodge City, 30 percent to 40 percent of patients arriving at the emergency room of the Western Plains Medical Complex are undocumented immigrants, said Brian Roland, the hospital`s business office director. â€?Most of them are uninsured,’ he said. â€?We do have some folks who do what they can to pay, but a large majority does not.’"
  • An irresponsible legal system preventing the hospital’s frantic attempt to ship their deadbeat patient back to Guatemala (featuring his pro-bono lawyer Chuck Chionuma [e-mail him], an immigrant from Nigeria.)
  • A pro-immigrant bureaucrat demonstrating one again the need to fix the 14th Amendment problem: " â€?Several of the patients are young adults with families — young children they`re responsible for who are U.S. citizens. How do you say no to them?’ "- Suzanne Meyer, director of social work, Truman Medical Center.
Not for the first time, political correctness does not yet seem to have paralyzed America’s local media.