Great Replacement Update, Guatemala Edition: Illegal-Alien Caravans Will Hit Border Just Before Nov. 8 Midterms, And Biden Is Doing Nothing About It
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With the generic congressional polls still showing a Republican victory on November 8, the “migrant” caravans that form in Honduras, then head through Guatemala and Mexico to the United States, will attempt a border rush just before the midterm elections, top Guatemalan officials say. And Traitor Joe, they say, hasn’t provided the help needed to stop the relentless colonizers.

“We have information that caravans will be coming in the next few weeks, particularly before the date of November 8. So we’re doing operations in our borders to stop the flow [of] migration,” Interior Minister Napoleon Barrientos told The Daily Caller’s Jennie Taer:

“The information that these migrant caravans have is that after [Election Day], policies will be hardened,” he said.

In preparation of the caravans’ arrivals, Guatemala is staging military drills with its partners in Mexico, Barrientos explained. But the country hasn’t had as much luck at its southern border with Honduras, where illegal migrants continue to cross and where bi-lateral cooperation has been difficult.

[Migrant Caravans Are Preparing To Flood The US Border Ahead Of Midterms, Senior Guatemalan Official Warns, October 26, 2022]

The “migrants” have good reason to get here before November 8. The Real Clear Politics average of congressional polls gives the party a 2.9-point lead over the Democrats, 48-45.1. Even if they don’t follow the polls, they get enough news via social media to know the Democrats face a possible electoral disaster.

Anyway, “difficult” is hardly the word to describe the Biden Regime’s lack of cooperation, given what Taer learned from Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei. He told her the Regime has refused to provide help to deport illegals from Guatemala before they land at the border with Mexico.

“Giammattei … requested that the Biden administration move its deportation planes and buses to Guatemala for the country to use in returning illegal migrants to their home countries before they reach the U.S.,” Taer reported:

He said it would save the Biden administration hefty costs of such large migration waves and allow migrants from far away places to go home immediately.

“Having all of these people in the United States costs the U.S. government millions and millions of dollars. We have suggested that they should keep the airplanes here, so that we ourselves can deport them back to their countries of origin, be it Haiti or be it whatever the country. If they keep their airplanes here, we can send them back. Otherwise, why wait until the people reach U.S. soil to then spend millions and millions of dollars to then send them back?” Giammattei said.

[Guatemalan President Says Biden Admin Refused To Help Him Deport Illegal Migrants Bound For The US Border, October 27, 2022]

This isn’t a surprise. Helping Guatemala, or enforcing immigration laws, would hinder the Great Replacement

If the GOP takes both houses of Congress, they can add Biden’s refusal to stop the “migrants” in Guatemala to their articles of impeachment.

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