Great Replacement Update (England): 9K Colonists Have Invaded Since January 1
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England’s illegal-alien invasion isn’t as frightening as ours as numbers go, but it’s frightening nonetheless if you’re an Englishman. At least 9,000 “migrants”—leftist code for illegal aliens—have landed there since January 1 [9,000 migrants have arrived in the UK via the English Channel so far in 2022, by, May 24, 2022]. And some, InfoMigrants reports, are doing so because they believe they have a better chance of declaring squatter’s rights if they get into the country now. 

“Last week alone, authorities counted 685 arrivals on British shores in just five days, with the arrival numbers for May already amounting to three times the number from the same month last year,” the website reported:

The numbers might be on the rise because of the UK's changing asylum system since its departure from the European Union ("Brexit"): the Conservative government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson hopes to deter migrants and refugees from coming to the country in the first place. To this end, it has changed its asylum laws to penalize people arriving in the UK using irregular means, such as boat journeys or clandestine trips on cargo trucks. 

Many migrants in future, even if they are genuine refugees, will no longer be granted asylum and will rather be given a status akin to subsidiary protection, which comes with fewer benefits. It is believed that migrants, often tricked by people smugglers, are told to act quickly and make their way to the UK before asylum laws change.

As VDARE reported last month, England has inked a deal with Rwanda to take in deported “refugees.” Thus, the rush to get in before the deportations begin.

Sounds familiar. It’s just what “migrants” are doing here because of the impending end of Title 42 public-health deportations.

Of course, the globalists condemn the deal to deport the “migrants.”

Then again, it doesn’t appear as if as many “migrants” will be deported as sane Englishmen have hoped.

“UK Justice Minister Dominic Raab has said that only about 100 people will be sent to Rwanda each year, making for less than 0.5% of annual irregular migration to the UK,” the website reported.

So if 10,000 or so Muslim colonists land on English beaches before December 31—almost 20K for the year—the government will deport just 100 to Rwanda. If true, the agreement is worthless.

Solution: “Fight them on the beaches.”

Don’t let the boats land; force them back to France. Stop permitting the French to offload the “migrants” they permitted to enter their country.

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