Another Twist On Naked Officials, Anti-Americanism, And Immigration
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There is an immigration twist to the internecine power struggle in the Chinese Communist Party.  The rabid, Maoist inspired, anti-American faction of the CCP is in a struggle with another major faction of the Party that is only slightly less anti-American. 

Both sides are corrupt in the Chinese tradition, but it appears that the leader of the more radically anti-American faction, Bo Xilai, now former head of the Chungking (Chongqing) party apparatus and one-time candidate for the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau (Politbureau) of the CCP and now on the outs, has a son, Bo Guagua, a second generation princeling, in the United States as a student.

WaPo April 15, 2012 by Associated Press

Chinese Premier Demands Stronger Anti-Corruption Efforts Amid Scandal Over Politburo Member

Chinese authorities last week said Heywood previously had a close business relationship with Gu and the couple’s son, Bo Guagua, who attended schools in Britain, but that the ties had recently soured.

Bo Guagua’s whereabouts are not known, after British media reported over the weekend that he had been escorted from his apartment near Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The FBI declined comment, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services referred queries to the State Department. Harvard police said its officers are not providing security for Bo, and the university did not comment.

So, the son of one of China's most rabid Maoist radicals, besides being corrupt as any Imperial official, also sends his son to Harvard, where John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama attended.  It appears that the one-time Christian divinity school is the institution of choice for naked officials, Democrat 1%ers, and Islamists.

It also appears that the State Department is accommodating not only anti-American officials with visas for their families, but abetting corruption by allowing the stolen monies to be laundered to American educational institutions.  Is no one reviewing the decisions by Consular Officers?  Is accommodating anti-Americanism official State Department  policy?  Under Secredtary of State Hillary! and given the Clinton China connection, it is not surprising.


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