GOP Chairman Mehlman to Republicans: Vote, Contribute, Shut Up.
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The MSM appears (wisely, given its pro-Kennedy-Bush Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill preferences) to have averted its eyes from the spectacle of GOP Chairman's sycophantic bootlicking at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) conference in Dallas.

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Addresses NALEO Annual Conference , June 22 2006.

Maybe it is just a spasm of good taste. Mehlman, fresh from claiming credit for Rep. Bilbray's 50th District anti Immigration Bill victory, is clearly cravenly unscrupulous, even by Washington standards.

But more likely it is because any normal Republican reading it will be outraged to the point of departing the Party. Mehlman displays nothing but hostility and disdain for the interests and preferences of the historic core constituency of the GOP

And as Republican Party Chairman I want to make it very clear to my Republican friends, both here in Texas and across the nation that a Republican Party that does not reach out to Hispanics does not deserve to win. ( emphasis).

One might argue (fallaciously) that the GOP cannot win without courting the Hispanic vote, but why doesn't it deserve to win, if it can? What does Ken Mehlman dislike about the American Government being elected by the historic American nation?

More Mehlman:

I am proud that this is the most diverse administration in history—since I became chairman of this party, I have made it my highest priority to reach out, to say to those who might never have really looked at the Republican Party...

Political appointments are obviously a zero sum game: more Hispanics means fewer whites. If reaching out to non Republicans is the highest priority, that means Republicans are to be relatively neglected.

Even an elementary concern like learning English is considered only as a convenience to the immigrants, not as a moral obligation of an aspiring new citizen. The whole approach is that of a salesman for a new cheap subdivision, rather than that of a leader of one of the nation's major political groupings.

Apparently in Mehlman's mind, the old America deserves obliteration because it was sinful:

In an opinion survey in May 1938, fully 68 percent of the public opposed letting refugees from Germany and Austria enter the United States. In 1905, Republican Senator Henry Cabot Lodge called for "more restrictive legislation" partially because of "the effect upon the quality of our citizenship caused by the rapid introduction of this vast and practically unrestricted immigration."

Ladies and gentleman, that was wrong then—and it is wrong now.

[So much for his pretense of favoring immigration controls.] Why is being concerned about the survival of your heritage so wrong? Mehlman's prejudices probably have more to do with his policies than any concern for the GOP

So where does the overwhelming majority white and Christian-stock GOP (and American) community fit into this plan? As a correspondent remarked of Southerners at the time of the Trent Lott lynching, their job appears to be to vote and shut up. Or as Sam Francis put it: Bushman to Christians: Drop Dead (After Voting Of Course)!

When Southern whites figured out the Democratic Party had betrayed them, they decisively left it. The same thing could happen to the Republicans, right across the country.

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