Goodnight, my someone
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So it appears that John McCain has won in the Republican Florida Primary. As Peter Brimelow remarked the other day, the intense tribalism of this year’s contests is breathtaking, as is:

how complacently this is passed over in the MSM. Women vote for Hillary in Nevada. Hispanics vote for Hillary in Nevada. Mormons vote for Romney in Nevada. Evangelicals vote for Huckabee in South Carolina. Veterans vote for McCain in South Carolina. (Close race). Probably blacks will vote overwhelmingly for Obama throughout the South.

And, apparently, the Aged vote for John McCain in Florida. Of course, Ron Paul is over 70 too. But McCain deals exclusively in memories, and Paul mainly in ideas: it is a very serious practical difference.

Voting for your own makes a certain sense. In a more recent blog, Peter Brimelow noted what absolutely does not make sense: in South Carolina, where the

near-lynching of Senator Lindsey Graham was among the first signs that the Kennedy-Bush amnesty/ immigration surge bill was going to fail, McCain, who supported it, got a quarter (24%)of those naming immigration. He even got a quarter (26%) of the gratifying majority (52%) of South Carolina Republican voters who thought illegal immigrants should be deported.

It is indisputable that the grass roots rebellion which blocked the Bush/Kennedy Amnesty of last year was one of the most powerful popular political spasms of modern times.

So what does this tell us of John McCain’s appreciation - or respect - for the popular will ( especially of his party) that he so grovellingly slurped up the endorsement of Florida’s Senator Mel Martinez last week? Martinez (R-Cuba) whose bigoted ethnocentric political behavior has been hugely damaging to the Republican base and repulsively anti- American into the bargain?

Nothing good.

Why is it that Ron Paul’s rather respectable credentials on the immigration issue — which was so white hot last year — do not help him?

Peter Brimelow, in his comment on the South Carolina results has the answer:

Ron Paul, who got an appalling 4% of both groups [those saying immigration most important issue; those wanting illegals deported] is missing a huge opportunity by not stressing his commitment to national sovereignty

Some year, a Presidential candidate will appear who hears this music.

Goodnight, my someone...

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