SC, NV = American Tribalism. Is Webb The Answer?
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The thing that strikes me about Saturday night's results is the sheer tribalism it reveals - and how complacently this is passed over in the MSM. Women vote for Hillary in Nevada. Hispanics vote for Hillary in Nevada. Mormons vote for Romney in Nevada. Evangelicals vote for Huckabee in South Carolina. Veterans vote for McCain in South Carolina. (Close race). Probably blacks will vote overwhelmingly for Obama throughout the South. This will be a problem for the Democrats in the general because their tribes just aren't big enough - yet. On the other hand, the GOP is too cowed to adopt what we call the "Sailer Strategy" - make a full-blooded appeal to American whites. That would get the MSM's attention! My prediction: the Democratic nominee, whoever it is, will chose as running mate Jim Webb, the new Democratic Senator from Virginia - to get the unmentionable (but statistically critical) white, male, Confederate, veteran, American Patriot, vote. Webb could put a Democrat in the White House, although of course he would probably make his/ her life hell thereafter. You read it here first!
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