Gingrich Campaign Dodges On Anchor Babies - Proves Immigration Plan Fraudulent
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Ho ho ho! My Immigration Plan is best to dupe the Peasants!


Santa Claus Gingrich arrived in Charleston South Carolina on Monday, with a sack full of goodies for Immigration Patriots. He proposed - • Support for enforcement by the states of Federal immigration law • No Federal funds for “sanctuary cities”. • A Border fence by January 1, 2014 • English to be America’s official language


Newt Gingrich goes deeper on immigration plan By Ginger Gibson Politico 11/28/11


But – as will likely happen more often as campaign limelight keeps shining – Gingrich’s characteristic loquaciousness got him into trouble, necessitating a rescue effort by one of his handlers and exposing this immigration performance as a calculated fantasy – in harsher terms, a deliberate fraud.


According to Politico Gingrich also proposed:


“Third, we establish an understanding of American history as it relates to citizenship and we apply to it the children living here,”

a strange remark which had to be implausibly walked back with a telling assertion:


"Spokesman R.C. Hammond said that piece of the proposal had nothing to do with recommendations by some tea party groups that the 14th Amendment of the Constitution does not guarantee citizenship children of illegal immigrants. Instead, Hammond said, it was part of Gingrich’s general push to ensure that Americans are aware of the nation’s history."
Closing the Anchor Baby loophole of course is the single most effective action which could be taken to decisively slow the political transformation of America. The Treason Lobby is keenly aware of this – that is why they react with such fury to any threat to the current Birthright Citizenship interpretation.


Now Gingrich’s guest worker/voteless-amnesty proposals would have something of the same effect in the unlikely event they were actually enforced (although fatally ignoring the effect of Anchor baby children). So why is his Campaign dodging an idea which was so well received by the grassroots in 2010?


Because Gingrich obediently accepts what his paymasters want: an America like Martha’s Vineyard, with plutocrats in gated communities served by oceans of cheap labor, with all the social burdens thrown on ordinary Americans and the country ruled by a minority dominated coalition – the Bloomberg prescription.


His proposals are designed merely to have the invasion come openly through the front door instead of surreptitiously via the back yard. The illegal immigrant problem is to be solved – by declaring everyone legal.


Of course, like Perry he could easily alter this perception  - by adding Birthright Citizenship reform to his policy package.


Will some Patriot out there please ask him?

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