Gingrich Blatantly Hispandering In Iowa
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Via the wonderful immigration news aggregator One Old Vet I learn Gingrich Sends an E-mail in Spanish, Asking for Support in Iowa By Trip Gabriel The New York Times January 2, 2012

WALFORD, Iowa — Newt Gingrich promises to make English the official language of government, but on Monday he sent an e-mail appeal in Spanish asking for support at the Iowa caucuses.

With the subject line, “Ayudenos en Iowa,” the message continued in Spanish: “The Hispanic community is so important to the success of this campaign and you can make all the difference by making calls and getting the citizens of Iowa to vote on Jan. 3.’’

It asked supporters to make phone calls from home to rally voters, explaining how to log on to the campaign’s Web site. “Please note there is a choice on top where you can switch between English and Spanish, depending on the language of the person who answers,’’ the message explained.

The only good thing about this story is:

Mr. Gingrich, like the other Republican candidates, regularly hears at town hall meetings in Iowa that a slice of voters are deeply disturbed about the 11 million or so illegal immigrants in the country. A woman pressed him at an appearance here on Monday: “How can you convince me and others that you’re the candidate” who’s going to do something?

He repeated that he would make English the official language of government, a call that earned him some of the loudest applause of the day.

( emphasis.) With the electoral scene as depressing as it is, it helps to be reminded that the facts support immigration patriots and that the other side is having to use intense repression.

One Old Vet understates

This Speaks Volumes About Gingrich

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