Gerry Dean Zarazoga, Familicide And Immigrant Mass Murderer? MSM Unlikely To Say
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At ABC News, the story says, as usual, "Man Arrested." [Man arrested in connection to shooting spree that killed 4, including father and brother, by Allie Yang, July 26, 2019]

The "man" is Jerry Dean Zarazoga, who is described as "Hispanic" by the LAPD:

What he did, as in the case of the Guatemelan immigrant mentioned yesterday, was shoot his whole family and also his girlfriend:

Gerry Dean Zarazoga, 26, was allegedly involved in the shooting and killing of his father and brother, and injuring his mom, before going on to allegedly shoot and kill others in the Los Angeles area.

Police responded to a scene in Canoga Park where they found two men and a woman shot. They were later identified as Zaragoza’s father, 50, his brother, 22, and his mother.

Forty-five minutes after police responded to the first shooting, they believe Zaragoza traveled to a North Hollywood gas station where he shot and killed a female acquaintance of his as well as another man, who is now in critical condition.

When we try to distinguish between immigrants from south of the Border, and Hispanic Americans in the "Immigrant Mass Murder" sweepstakes, we tend to think that a guy named Juan Miguel Alvarez is an immigrant, and John Michael Alvarez is an American. This guy is called "Gerry Dean," so he may be technically an American.

Canoga Park, where this happened, is "highly diverse." What that means is that it's more than 50 percent Hispanic, and according to the LA Times's neighborhood profile, more than 40 percent foreign-born:

22,782 (42.8%) of residents are foreign born, about average for the city of Los Angeles but high for the county. Mexico (45.8%) and El Salvador (11.6%) are the most common foreign places of birth.

As for the problem of Gerry Dean being possibly "American" but acting like an immigrant mass murderer, well, see these two articles:

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